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Keep-The-Kids-Busy Summer Bucket List

School is out for my preschooler, a full two and half weeks before the public school system is out which means many of my mama friends are still enjoying their morning coffees in peace without little people vying for her attention. Let’s be honest, I have a baby at home so I rarely had peaceful coffees to begin with, however he does still give me one and half solid naps daily, which allowed me to have some “me” time to write, cook, clean (who am I kidding) and read.  I have been nervously anticipating my son’s release from school (why do I make him sound like a convict?) but this first week has gone by dare I say, swimmingly? I really shouldn’t be so surprised. My son is a different person from last summer. Besides aging a full year, he has a year’s worth of schooling under his belt, where he has matured in his patience, understanding and emotional expression.  It has been such a treat to see his development and social skills take off. In his year end report card (yes they give those out in Montessori), his teachers noted how sociable he was and always willing to play with others. But they also noted how he needed to recognize and respect when other children would rather play alone. He is so my husband and my child. Being social and sharing experiences with others is totally our jam. This is why we are planning on a ton of play dates and free play at community centers and parks this summer!

But what about the times when weather or nap times keeps us home? Don’t worry. Mama has an arsenal of activities up her sleeve (aka Pinterest and Google). I’ve aggregated a list of activities linking to some of the best bucket lists I found so you don’t have to. Most of these activities can be done in homes of all sizes or outside at a park, and most importantly, on the cheap!  Feel free to comment with your fave summer activities:

This site is full of a ton of great indoor and outdoor activities. I would love to try each and every item on this list, except maybe the kiddie car wash. I’m just not that industrious:

24 Fun Toddler Activities for Your Summer Bucket List


Love this list full of picnic ideas (indoor and out):

50+ Picnic Ideas For Kids

A huge list. I am loving all the crafting ideas:


How to associate faith with some of your summer activities:


If you want to write down all the things your kids would like to do this summer, here’s a free downloadable along with ideas:

Summer Time Bucket List: 50 Activities for the Kids


Last but not least, I found a great bucket list for my foodie friends. I don’t consider myself a foodie, but I have a goal of involving my kids more in cooking and teaching where our food comes from so you can bet a few of these will be on our own bucket list:

25 Awesome Foodie Fun Ideas for Kids (Free Printable!)



I pray you can soak up these summer days with your littles!


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