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Life With Three Kids

I can’t believe it’s been two months since little Roman entered our lives. He is such a dream baby. Dare I say he is my “easiest” baby yet? Or is it just the fact that this is my third go around? I think a bit of both. When my second was born, I thought it would be a cinch. But he was a different baby from my first. He cried a bit more and slept a bit less. So for my third, I braced myself for anything, not putting any expectations on him or me. But I got a beautiful baby boy whose favorite activities include sleeping, eating and smiling.

In the first few weeks of adapting to three kids, I was feeling overwhelmed. With the various ages (5, 3 and newborn), it was hard to juggle their very different needs. This was especially difficult when my husband went away on business. Juggling bedtime with three was sort of a circus. But somehow, we have managed. And every day does get easier. Overall, I am feeling blessed beyond measure for my three boys and growing family.

Because of how well Roman adapted to this world, I decided to start teaching shortly after he turned one month. I have started with just two classes a day, which has been perfect. Just before my first morning class, I give Roman a feed, then he hangs out with dad while I teach for an hour. Sometimes he sleeps the whole time I teach. Once, I brought him into a class, as one of my regular students kept asking to meet him. He quickly said hi, then fell asleep in his rocker while I taught the remainder of the class.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching again, as it has given me back a bit of normalcy and routine. The summer will soon be here, which means there will be more demand for teachers since kids will be home from school. Their schedules will allow for more classes during the day, which translates into more evening hours for teachers. If you have evenings and early mornings free this summer, consider teaching English to students in China for a bit of extra spending money. Vacation money anyone? I recommend applying to both GogoKid and VIPkid since bookings will vary, and you can fill your schedule by having two companies under your belt. Here are the links to apply:



Once you apply, I will send you the materials to prepare for your interviews with the respective companies. All you need to be eligible to teach is a bachelor’s degree in any area and the ability to work in Canada or USA. Feel free to send me an e-mail with questions about the process (

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