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The Good, the Bad and the Lovely

March 2017

The True Essentials: What every child actually needs

Last week, I wrote a post about baby essentials every first time mom needs. Of course, I prefaced it by saying that they were essentials for our family, and may not necessarily be for all families. Today I’m writing the post that I am confident can be shared with all parents – new and seasoned – about what each new baby essentially needs. 1. Love. I would like to think

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Go-to baby essentials

I hesitate about writing a post about essential baby items every first time parent needs because if I’m honest no family’s situation is going to be alike, thus their needs won’t be either. For example, a stroller was a huge essential for me when I became a first time mom, as that was our main mode of transportation. We hardly drove anywhere since we lived in the heart of downtown

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Spring Forward Survival Guide

Waking up an extra hour early is hard for everyone. But for children, it’s usually extra tough because their body clocks haven’t adjusted with the mental shift that is required when trying to successfully transition with the time change. Thankfully, our time change came on the eve of Spring Break, a week off of school, which meant no strict routines to follow. My kids did fine the morning of, but

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Feeling Discouraged

It’s been a week since we started our eczema elimination diet. What it’s entailed is taking dairy and gluten out of our diet to see if it is indeed a trigger or irritant in my children’s eczema. I too have adopted this diet since my youngest is still breastfeeding. It’s only been a week, but I haven’t seen many positive changes. In fact, I’ve only experienced negative ones so far.

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