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If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been an update on the blog for over three months, it’s because that’s exactly how long I have been feeling sick and nauseous as a result of baby #3. Yup, we did it again. We’re about to be outnumbered. But if I am honest, I already am outnumbered numerous times a month when my husband goes away on work trips. Of course, I’ve never managed to juggle three kids on my own, but I’m always up for a challenge! Plus, I have a few months to prepare. Baby Lovely 3 is due at the end of March. And we do plan to find out the gender in advance with this little one. We found out the sex for our first, but let our second be a surprise. I prefer knowing, for nesting purposes 😉

I have suffered from morning sickness and nausea for all three of my pregnancies. When I was pregnant with my second, I also started experiencing fierce headaches. This pregnancy has been no different. I’ve had terrible nausea and headaches which seems to feel worse than previous pregnancies, but I can’t tell if it’s because I am also taking care of two other children. One thing I know for sure is that my pregnancies are not getting any easier, so unfortunately this might be my last. But never say never! My husband and I have always wanted a big family, but perhaps we will expand our families in other ways, God willing.

How To Cope With Morning Sickness

While there is no secret pill to getting rid of morning sickness altogether (diclectin did not work for me), I have developed some good strategies on how to cope with it when you need to function on a day to day basis. This list may not be relevant to you if you’re not expecting, however if you have a friend who is experiencing morning sickness, you can help them out by making a care package with some of the following items:

  1. Stock up on gum, mints and sour candies. When you’re pregnant, you become really sensitive to certain tastes, textures and smells. While I might enjoy eating a certain food, I can’t stand the aftertaste it leaves in my mouth. I always needed to cleanse my palette after eating almost anything, so if I didn’t have quick access to my toothbrush, I would pop chewing gum or a mint in my mouth. Sour candies were strong enough to get rid of bad tastes as well.
  2. Eat lots of little meals. Having an empty stomach always made my nausea worse. Keep something in your tummy at all times, but avoid overeating, which can lead to heartburn!
  3. Sleep whenever you can. I needed at least 9-10 hours of sleep during my first trimester. This also included naps. I napped a lot. Sleeping was often the only time I got relief from nausea.
  4. Stop staring at screens, books and bright lights. Light often triggered my headaches. I had to avoid screens and reading. Going outside for fresh air felt nice, but I had to wear a hat and sunglasses so the sun didn’t get in my eyes, which made my headaches worse.
  5. When friends ask what you need, ask for meals. The last place I wanted to be was cooking in the kitchen with all the smells during my first trimester. There was nothing more I could’ve asked for than friends offering to bring meals or have my family and I over for a meal. This was one of the kindest and practical things my friends and family did. Even takeout or a gift card for a restaurant was so helpful. Do this for all your pregnant friends. They can use it during pregnancy or when baby arrives.
  6. Get help with your other kids. Piggybacking on the last tip, I had a few friends and neighbours who offered to watch my kids at their homes while I rested. When all I wanted to do was lie in bed, this was a godsend.
  7. Wear stretchy clothes. The first trimester bloat is nothing to scoff at. I was wearing maternity clothes from day one of this pregnancy due to my stomach bloating. The extra stretch helped relieve the indigestion I was having.
  8. Keep yourself busy. While there were days that I didn’t want to get out of bed, I knew that would only make me feel worse. Wallowing in self-pity was not a good look for me. I had to get outside for a walk everyday with the kids and do a few chores just to get my mind off the nausea. While, it didn’t stop the pain, it helped me forget about it for a short while

But most of all, be flexible! You might have plans to clean the house or run errands, but if halfway through it, you feel like you can’t go on, don’t. Have grace for yourself. Your body is doing an amazing thing, and you need to listen to it. A lot of things fell to the wayside for me this first trimester, most notably the grocery shopping. But our family adjusted by eating a lot more take out. While it’s not the most budget friendly option, it’s only for a season. During my toughest days, I always kept my eye on the prize. Through the sickness and waiting, I will have another baby to love in the end. I am praying for each of my fellow sisters out there who are either sick or waiting. xoxo

p.s. If you have any tips on overcoming morning sickness, please leave them in the comments!

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