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Easy Vegan Cookies & Cake

This past weekend, I had a bit of a baking marathon with my son. I was charged with making desserts for around 50 people for a church event, plus a baby shower for my cousin. Since my son is off of dairy and eggs, I thought it best to focus on vegan baked goods. For his birthday, he received a really cute kids baking set, so we decided to put it to the test. We found a vegan sprinkle cookie recipe online, then used the stamps and cutters from his new set. They turned out really cute! Also, the cookies were soft and yummy. (By the way, you will notice a pigeon in a couple of my photos because we are currently taking care of my son’s class pigeon for the week. Each student gets to take him home for a week. We’re currently the tenth family or so to have him, and I feel really bad for the family who will have him last. He will most definitely need a bath.)

Stamping cookies

I also decided to make a vegan layer cake for the baby shower. This is a 9-inch cake with 4 x 1-inch layers. I definitely could’ve made the layers thicker and thus used only two or three layers, but I overbaked the cakes, so I ended up having to tort each layer basically in half to have an edible cake. Unfortunately, the four layers plus heavy icing may have been too much weight for the cake because by the next day, after traveling on the road for two hours, it started to sink as you will see in the last photo below. Thankfully, it still turned out delicious and edible from what the guests told me. I piped rosettes, which was my very first time doing so. So definitely don’t look too closely because you will see many flaws, however I am pretty happy with the results. I just piped bursts from my 2D icing tip. I looked up a few videos on Youtube, but liked the explanation on this blog post. I also followed this recipe for the cake, which has been my go-to for the past few cakes I have baked. I am definitely enjoying trying my hand at vegan baking and new icing techniques. My kitchen feels overly small when I get into baking/decorating mode, but I am grateful that I have a working kitchen with access to quality baking supplies, plus an eager baking assistant 😉 I will probably start some Christmas baking in the next week or so. Stay tuned for my next batch of cake and cookies!


My first rosette cake!

Dessert Table at the baby shower

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