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“The Beginning of Life” AKA The Documentary Every Parent Needs To See

I’m a self-professed self-improvement junkie. During my university days, I read books about how to read faster and take notes more efficiently. When I was a new graduate, I watched videos on how to interview well and make my resume shine. Before meeting my husband, I read books on the differences between men and women which referred to the sexes as planets (you know the one I’m talking about) and

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Vegan Birthday Cake

This fun cake was a fun afternoon activity for my three year old and I. Since he is currently off of dairy and eggs, I googled easy vegan vanilla cake, and this recipe from the Cake Merchant came up. The recipe was intended for a 3-layer 6 inch cake, but since I only had one cake pan, but it was a big one (9 inch), I thought the math might

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How To Do New York With Kids

This past long weekend, we traveled to New York for my cousin’s wedding. We thought we would maximize our time there and arrive a couple days early before the festivities began to enjoy a mini family vacation. The last time I was in New York was around 7 years ago when I was single, childless and just about to begin my graduate program in Vancouver. During that last visit, I

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A Much Needed Getaway For One

This past week, I prepped a chest freezer full of foods (which went untouched by the way) for my husband to refer to when feeding the kids and left for 3 nights to Las Vegas. I didn’t technically go alone. I went with a girlfriend of mine who was really the main reason I felt compelled to go. You see, I am a hobby stylist for Stella & Dot, which

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9 Baby Items That Will Make Your Life Easier

Now that you’re preggers, you may have already started collecting your essential items, perhaps some on this list that I wrote about a few months back. And now you’re wondering if there are any other items you’re missing or you have friends and family asking what they can get you as a gift. I’ve made a quick list of items that I don’t believe are necessary but sure make my

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Happy Birthday Canada! 10 Reasons Why I Love You

Canada is celebrating it’s 150th birthday this year and the Canadian pride in me is bubbling over, so I had to share what I love most about my mother country: 1. The fact that I don’t have to take my wallet to the doctor. The only thing I actually need to bring is my health card. No money owed. Ever. 2. How ethnically and culturally diverse it is. While growing

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Getting Down To The Bottom Of Food Sensitivites

A few months ago I wrote about how I was trying an elimination diet to treat my son’s eczema. Overall, I did not see much of a difference in my son’s skin. There were still regular flare-ups, even after 4 weeks of this restricted diet. And it was hard. So I wrote about some of my difficulties and challenges. I realized there were more foods than just dairy and gluten

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Keep-The-Kids-Busy Summer Bucket List

School is out for my preschooler, a full two and half weeks before the public school system is out which means many of my mama friends are still enjoying their morning coffees in peace without little people vying for her attention. Let’s be honest, I have a baby at home so I rarely had peaceful coffees to begin with, however he does still give me one and half solid naps

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The Transition From One To Two Kids

I have something to admit. I’m one of those annoying moms who had a perfect baby. The kind who eats, sleeps, plays and travels with ease. Our firstborn could do no wrong. Not because we as his parents had rose colored glasses on when it came to seeing our son, but because he actually was such a happy and well mannered baby. Before having children, I was told time and

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What Is Your Calling? My Divine Experience

On the weekend, I attended a women’s conference at a local church. But don’t assume this is some small beans conference just because it’s situated in a town of 239 people. I’m not even joking. The church is located in the cute little countryside of Bloomingdale, Ontario. I live in the city next to it, which has a surrounding population of approximately 500,000 so I imagine that most people who

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