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Superhero Theme Birthday Party

Did you have a favourite superhero growing up? I think mine was probably Supergirl or Wonderwoman, two of only a few female superheros who were somewhat mainstream when I was growing up. I was jealous that my brother had a ton of male superheros to choose from. It is pretty exciting though that Supergirl and Wonder Woman have made a resurgence with modern remakes. I’m looking forward to watching them

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How To Live With A Spender When You Are A Saver

In a marriage, there is usually a saver and a spender.  I confess that I am the spender in our marriage. However, my financial personality does not define who I am, nor does it mean that I am irresponsible with money (even if it did in the past). For most of my young adult life before I got married, and even into the first year of marriage, I was oblivious

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Rainbow Baby Gender Reveal

This past Thanksgiving weekend, I found plenty to be thankful for. We usually have a traditional turkey dinner at home with my immediate family and folks. However, my father was not able to make it back home in time for Thanksgiving, so we will celebrate with him when he visits in November during American thanksgiving. That gave us the opportunity to say yes to a family gathering with my cousins

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My Bedroom Was On The Marilyn Denis Show

Our homes are often a reflection of who we are and the stage of life we are in. My home would tell you that I obviously have children (don’t mind the mess!), I am an aspiring minimalist (we don’t have a ton of furniture or decor) and that we lack green thumbs (most of our house plants are dead and I’ve given up on lawn care). I would love to

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Why I Am Leaving Stella & Dot

It will be five years in October that I will have been a stylist with Stella & Dot. I started this business when I was a newlywed with a lot of extra time (#nokids) and in need of a creative (and entrepreneurial) outlet. I didn’t technically do it for the money since I was working a decent office job; it was more about being able to sink myself into something

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A Family Getaway To Muskoka Bible Centre

This past weekend, the boys and I loaded up the car and took a trip up north to probably one of the most famous vacation spots in Canada: Muskoka. I am pretty sure every Ontarian has ventured up to this region of the province during at least one of their summers. If not, you are definitely missing out people! There is no wrong way to vacation in this area. You

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“The Beginning of Life” AKA The Documentary Every Parent Needs To See

I’m a self-professed self-improvement junkie. During my university days, I read books about how to read faster and take notes more efficiently. When I was a new graduate, I watched videos on how to interview well and make my resume shine. Before meeting my husband, I read books on the differences between men and women which referred to the sexes as planets (you know the one I’m talking about) and

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Vegan Birthday Cake

This fun cake was a fun afternoon activity for my three year old and I. Since he is currently off of dairy and eggs, I googled easy vegan vanilla cake, and this recipe from the Cake Merchant came up. The recipe was intended for a 3-layer 6 inch cake, but since I only had one cake pan, but it was a big one (9 inch), I thought the math might

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How To Do New York With Kids

This past long weekend, we traveled to New York for my cousin’s wedding. We thought we would maximize our time there and arrive a couple days early before the festivities began to enjoy a mini family vacation. The last time I was in New York was around 7 years ago when I was single, childless and just about to begin my graduate program in Vancouver. During that last visit, I

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A Much Needed Getaway For One

This past week, I prepped a chest freezer full of foods (which went untouched by the way) for my husband to refer to when feeding the kids and left for 3 nights to Las Vegas. I didn’t technically go alone. I went with a girlfriend of mine who was really the main reason I felt compelled to go. You see, I am a hobby stylist for Stella & Dot, which

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