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When Traveling With Baby Is A Breeze

I never thought I’d ever say the above words, but after having three kids, you realize how easy it is to travel with only one of them! My four month old Roman and I recently went on a trip to New York City for a couple days. My best friend was getting married, so even though my husband couldn’t make it, Roman and I decided to make the trip. This

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Life With Three Kids

I can’t believe it’s been two months since little Roman entered our lives. He is such a dream baby. Dare I say he is my “easiest” baby yet? Or is it just the fact that this is my third go around? I think a bit of both. When my second was born, I thought it would be a cinch. But he was a different baby from my first. He cried

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The Birth Of My Dreams

Maybe it’s a bit over dramatic to label a birth dream-worthy, but that is truly how I feel about the birth of my third son. This is not to say my first two births were bad. Far from it. But I didn’t necessarily know what I wanted as part of a birth plan the first time, aside from a healthy baby. Of course, who doesn’t want that? But after going

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Teaching Online – A Three Month Update!

(My Current Teaching Background Above) There are so many ways I could’ve titled this post, including “Side Hustle Turned Passion” or “I Never Knew How Much I Would Enjoy Getting Up At The Crack Of Dawn” but one sentence simply won’t do to convey just how much I like my new job. So here it is in one carefully condensed article: I stumbled across online teaching a few months ago,

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Is A Babymoon Frivolous or Necessary?

It’s probably neither. But it can definitely be both. My husband and I never went on a babymoon when we were having our first baby because quite frankly, everyday was like a babymoon before kids! We were free to go wherever and do whatever we wanted, as we had no kids to care for yet. He did join me for a work trip to Las Vegas, but that was part

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The Job That I Never Knew I Needed

Welcome to the first post of 2019! I’m less than 10 weeks away from meeting baby number 3, but I’ve also been busy “birthing” another project, which started out as a research topic, but has turned into something much bigger than what I expected. It has been a pleasant surprise. Let me tell you more about it here… Besides momming full-time, I also moonlight as a freelance writer, more specifically

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Why I Recommend A “Fiver” Party For Every Parent

This past December, my oldest child turned five years old. It seems just like yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital, but at the same time, it seems like he’s been in my life forever. Kids just bring on the most mixed emotions, hence the name of this blog. For his birthday, he asked if we could invite his whole class. Since we have kept his birthdays very

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Officially a #boymom!

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of getting married to my prince charming and one day raising a beautiful brood of kids. I never imagined that brood would be all boys though. I envisioned at least one daughter, if not two or three. So imagine my surprise to find out that we will be having our third baby boy come next Spring. While I am absolutely thrilled to

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If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been an update on the blog for over three months, it’s because that’s exactly how long I have been feeling sick and nauseous as a result of baby #3. Yup, we did it again. We’re about to be outnumbered. But if I am honest, I already am outnumbered numerous times a month when my husband goes away on work trips. Of course, I’ve never

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How A Budgeting Audit Saved Me $500

Have you ever done a budgeting audit? What do I mean by a budgeting audit? It’s a lot less complicated than it sounds. Basically, it’s me writing out all spending for a two to three month period and looking for ways to improve my budget by going through my spending with a fine tooth comb. You might be wondering how this is different from budgeting on a regular basis, but

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