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The Good, the Bad and the Lovely

April 2017

All Inclusive with Kids

Have you ever been on an all-inclusive holiday before? By all inclusive, I mean food, drinks, pool, live entertainment and accommodationĀ all rolled into one price at one resort. When I was in university, these types of trips were very popular, and I can see why, but I spent much of my teens and twenties traveling Asia and Europe. My parents on the other hand loved their Carribean and Latin American

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My Foster Parenting Story

Some of you know this small piece of my history because you were there for us as part of our support network during one of the most challenging, yet faithful experiences of my life. But I’m sharing this story for those who did not know us and did not have an insider look of what our life was like then – both the joys and sorrows. On August 13th, 2014,

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Having a Baby – A Guide for Dads

Last month, I wrote a post about what new parents can expect when having their first child. This post joins many others in the big world of blogging about becoming a new parent. However most of these posts are written by women for women, primarily. I wanted to put a new spin on this week’s blog post and include my husband as my co-writer to include a very important voice

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