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Superhero Theme Birthday Party

Did you have a favourite superhero growing up? I think mine was probably Supergirl or Wonderwoman, two of only a few female superheros who were somewhat mainstream when I was growing up. I was jealous that my brother had a ton of male superheros to choose from. It is pretty exciting though that Supergirl and Wonder Woman have made a resurgence with modern remakes. I’m looking forward to watching them with my kids one day.

My oldest is all about superheros and capes these days. If he could, he would wear one to school everyday. His teachers did write home one day to tell me that a few of the capes were too long, and loomed dangerously close to the toilet when he had to go. So we have decided to hang up the capes until he gets home from school as a rule. But this didn’t stop us from celebrating a Superhero themed birthday this past weekend for his fourth birthday!

I crafted him a picture wall for his friends to take photos with as soon as they walked through the door. My apologies in advance for the low-quality photos. It was a quick three hours of non-stop partying, so we forgot to take photos with the DSLR.

I love traditional birthday games such as hot potato and pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of pin the tail though, I made a superhero outline using my son’s outline, painted it, then had the kids pin his logo back on blindfolded. In the future though, I will draw his body onto a large sheet of paper without cutting it out so the kids cannot feel the outline when they are pinning. It will make the game slightly more challenging, which I think for kids aged 5 and up is more fun.

We also played Snowman Bingo with marshmallows, which the kids really loved. My youngest just ate his marshmallows, but the rest of the kids focused on playing. I got the template for this game from this crafty mama. Then for the finally activity, and as their loot bag gift, I had a candy necklace making station set up. I purchased a bunch of candies and snacks that were “loopable” (ringolos, lifesavers, veggie straws, etc.). I pre-cut necklace and bracelet length string, and had the kids string their snacks. I thought it was useful to have them focus on their fine motor skills, as well as help bring down the noise levels after birthday cake.

Candy Necklace Making. Sorry for the low-quality phone photos!

Speaking of birthday cake, I ended up making two. One chocolate and the other vanilla, both vegan. There’s not a whole lot my son loves more than rainbow sprinkles, so I spread it all over the chocolate cake, then covered it with a dark chocolate vegan ganache. I also tried a new frosting technique for the vanilla cake, which was easier than it looks. If anyone is interested in the recipes I used, for the cakes, I’ve linked them below.

Chocolate Vegan Cake

Vanilla Vegan Cake

All in all, it was a fun-filled birthday party for my now four year old. He invited four friends plus siblings and a whole lot more adults, since I also invited some extended family. I ordered six pizzas and my mom made kimbap (Korean sushi), which seemed to be just enough food. Despite all the preparation involved, I too had a lot of fun. Now I’m going to go sleep for three days before I begin prepping baby shower desserts for my cousin this weekend!



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