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Spring Forward Survival Guide

Waking up an extra hour early is hard for everyone. But for children, it’s usually extra tough because their body clocks haven’t adjusted with the mental shift that is required when trying to successfully transition with the time change. Thankfully, our time change came on the eve of Spring Break, a week off of school, which meant no strict routines to follow. My kids did fine the morning of, but the bedtime routine was thrown off. My older son didn’t fall asleep until after 9pm. Usually, he’s sleeping between 7:30 and 8pm. To help make the transition easier, I thought I would share of my own tips for easing into sleep. This could be of use after a trip when you’re dealing with jetlag.

My go-to oils

We have gotten huge into essential oils this past month. I have been using them in everything from my cleaning supplies to face masks to cold remedies for my family. For sleep though, I have been diffusing lavender, mixed with peppermint to help clear my husband’s runny nose. On the nights he and my kids have needed some extra TLC, I have diffused Breathe and On Guard, which are Doterra’s specially mixed formulas for various ailments. I also have been dropping a bit of lavender onto our pillows before hitting the hay. It’s created such a serene atmosphere to fall asleep in. Some diffusers also double as humidifiers, which has been a necessity this dry winter. I purchased this one from Amazon a few weeks ago. I’m not totally convinced that it’s worked as a humidifier, but it has definitely been a great oil diffuser. If you guys know of a good humidifier/diffuser hybrid, please let me know. The kids especially have needed that extra humidity in their bedrooms at night.

Doterra Petal Diffuser, Laneige Sleeping Mask, Lavender Essential Oil

A good set of pajamas is so key for me. I’m not talking about gym clothes, or loungewear. I’m talking about clothes designated for sleep only. It’s a mental thing for me. When you change out of your “productive clothes” for the day, and into your “sleep clothes” then automatically my body takes note. It’s not time to keep sending e-mails or sit in front of the TV binge-watching a show, it’s time to sleep. This is not to say I don’t have lounge wear. I definitely do. It’s leggings, a basic tee, and an over-sized sweater. But for bed, it’s usually a nightgown or matching pajama set made of only the softest cotton with no tags for this girl. I have sensitive skin, so I am very conscious when choosing fabrics for myself. Typically only 100% cotton or rayon. Never polyester. The same goes for my kids. My older son inherited the habit of cutting off his tags from me. I have holes in a lot of my shirts to prove it, sadly. It’s a bit of an investment, but for my older son, I’ve purchased mostly organic cotton pajamas due to his sensitive skin.

Tag-free pajamas from Marshalls

Speaking of skin, I have been really into sleep masks. I have always enjoyed a good face mask, I am Korean after all. Nothing beats waking up to soft supple skin, and the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask does a really good job of making my skin feel soft, without feeling sticky while sleeping. I have on occasion used Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm as a face mask while I sleep when I’ve really needed the extra hydration. Both are great products serving different skin needs.

Two of my go-to sleeping masks

Lastly, a good bed spread is a must for an ideal sleeping experience. We have a silk duvet since my husband is highly allergic to down. Silk is surprisingly warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. I have found that for the coldest days, it doesn’t get us as warm as we like, so we layer on another blanket, but for the rest of the year, silk is really great. It washes really well. We also have silk blankets for the kids, in addition to homemade quilts that my mother made for the boys. Silk blankets can be more of an investment ($150-$400 depending on size), but I have found them most economically priced at Costco.

Bluebellgray cover for our silk comforter. That yellow pillow is my pregnancy pillow which I still sleep with (much to my husband’s chagrin).

Besides all the tips and tricks I have outlined above, just make sure you go to bed at your usual time with the time change. This is especially important for the kiddos. They may want to go to bed later and wake up later, but if you need them back on a regular schedule for school or daycare, their usual bedtime and routine is key. I find that when I delay things even by an hour, my children are usually more temperamental the following day and more likely to get sick. Here are a few other sleep resources when it comes to what to eat for a good sleep and what else to wear (socks for instance! I don’t know if I can get on board with that, but apparently it is conducive to a good sleep.) Let me know if you have any other sleep tips to share!

Food to help you sleep


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