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A cut above

Do you like my fiery red bob circa 2012?

I’m getting the itch again…to chop it all off. My hair, that is. About once every couple years, I get the urge to just cut off all my hair. I love styled hair, but in this season of nursing babies and grabby hands, throwing my hair up in a ponytail seems to be the easiest option. But it’s too easy. So I’m up for a change. For Christmas, my husband got me a day at the spa, so I’m starting with a massage and mani, then freshening up my hair with a new style. I’m still undecided of exactly what I’m going to do, but as I’ve been cooking up some ideas, I found some great updated short cuts that I thought I’d share with you in case some of you are feeling the itch too. I’ve linked to each style in bold below.

 My “lob” from two years ago

First up is Demi Lovato‘s layered bob which is a style that I’ve always really liked on her. (Note: she also pulls off blue feathered tips really well.) Number two is Sarah Hyland‘s very chic, classic, blow-out bob, which has been my go-to in the past. Third is Alexa Chung’s beachy-wave bob with sideswept bangs. I love the effortlessness of this look. Let’s be honest, I need low-effort looks most days as I roll straight out of bed into mom mode. Fourth is shorter than I have ever felt comfortable going, but it’s a look that is so sweet and feminine on the right face. Michelle Williams has that face. I commend all women who can pull this off.

Out of these four ladies, which look do you love the most? Alexa Chung’s just rolled out of bed like a rockstar look has my heart. I’m not totally sure if I’d be able to pull off bangs, as I don’t have the perfectly symmetrical, supermodel face that Ms. Chung has. In the past when I’ve had bangs, it’s made my already round-ish face even rounder, but thanks to the world of contouring (the only thing I can thank the Kardashians for), I might be able to get away with some longer bangs.

  Proof I shouldn’t have bangs. I was victim to the infamous “bowl” haircut

So if you were going for the chop, which of the four that I linked would you choose? Or if you have an alternative style to offer, I’d love to see it!

Also, if you are looking for ways to style short cuts with accessories, I loved this segment by CTV’s the Social the other day:

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