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My Bedroom Was On The Marilyn Denis Show

Our homes are often a reflection of who we are and the stage of life we are in. My home would tell you that I obviously have children (don’t mind the mess!), I am an aspiring minimalist (we don’t have a ton of furniture or decor) and that we lack green thumbs (most of our house plants are dead and I’ve given up on lawn care). I would love to have a beautiful designer kitchen and custom closets, but it’s not a priority in this season of life with littles. When we first moved into this home, buying furniture for the kids bedrooms, family room and our dining area was the priority, since those are the areas we spend the most amount of time. In our master bedroom, we decided for the time being to continue using hand me down furniture (or vintage, as I prefer to call it) from my parents. We are grateful to my parents for the hand me downs, but the room isn’t exactly a reflection of mine or my husband’s tastes. I would love to repaint, change the carpets and get all new furniture, but I was at a loss of how to proceed. So a few months ago, I was on the Marilyn Denis show website and saw that they were offering design ideas for people who had a room full of second-hand furniture. I knew I had to apply. I took pictures of my room as is (seriously I didn’t even clean the room) and sent them in. In the photos, you will see the “vintage dressers and night stands” courtesy of my parents. You will also see that my children’s stuff has overflowed into our bedroom, including the baby’s changing station (on the floor) and boxes of clothes they’ve overgrown. I didn’t have a chance to sort through all these things, so to keep it out of everyone’s way, I just put it in our bedroom, unfortunately for my husband. I also have my writing desk in there, which is currently piled high with paperwork and kids’ crafts. So needless to say, not much writing happens there. Something needed to give!

Lackluster sleeping area

My office/overflow area for kids stuff

Change pad on the ground thanks to a squirmy baby

Do I paint the furniture or just replace it?


Thankfully, the show producers contacted me a few months later and asked me to come onto the show so a designer could offer a few ideas. Awesome! I get expert advice and a day trip to the city. I brought along my girlfriend Maria who bless her, had broken her toes just a few days before the show’s taping but trooper-ed through anyways! We arrived late (darn city traffic) and as soon as I got there I was thrown into make-up where they powdered me up to be TV ready. Basically on camera, the more make-up, the better, if you don’t want to look like you just woke up. Fine by me since I was up by 5am to get to the show! I’m not going to lie, I was on TV for all of 15 seconds, but I was still a bit nervous having my face and bedroom on air to be viewed by so many strangers (and people I know, Hi Mom!) But the conversation I had with Marilyn and designer Samantha Pynn (whose style I love) was quick and super helpful. She basically told me to repaint to a really light grey (“silver quill” to be specific) and get some small dressers to put beside our fireplace to house all the overflow stuff, as well as the change pad. Marilyn, on the other hand was adamant that I get the kids stuff out of there (probably smart for the long-term) and even move my desk out to another room in the house separate from mine and the kids bedrooms. I do agree that having a professional set-up separated from the “personal living areas” would be better for my writing life. Samantha then recommended getting a chair to sit in by the fireplace, which I could use to read in by myself (oh the luxury!) or with the kids. She also said that she actually liked the secondhand furniture and thought it fit in well with the space, but she did suggest replacing one of the nightstands with a smaller circular one since it would fit into the space better. Agreed! As if the expert advice wasn’t enough, they gifted me with the actual paint colour to take home, as well as a $500 gift card from Homesense. SO generous!

Chattin with my new bestie Mar 😉

Would I apply to be on the show again? In a heartbeat. I have gone to the show to be just part of the audience in the past, which is also a really fun experience. I highly recommend being part of a show’s taping in the future! Also, I have to say Marilyn is so kind, generous and funny. And she has legs for days. Seriously, she looks SO GOOD! I honestly don’t know how she is so put together with her crazy schedule of radio and TV. I had a brief stint in morning radio where I had to be up by 4am every weekday. I lasted 6 months. I loved it, but I’m just a better human being in the afternoons and evenings. Ask my family!

If you’re interested in watching the taping, I’m on for the very last segment of the show. Let me know if you’d ever apply to be on the show!


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