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A Family Getaway To Muskoka Bible Centre

This past weekend, the boys and I loaded up the car and took a trip up north to probably one of the most famous vacation spots in Canada: Muskoka. I am pretty sure every Ontarian has ventured up to this region of the province during at least one of their summers. If not, you are definitely missing out people! There is no wrong way to vacation in this area. You can spend a week at a luxurious resort and spa, or pitch a tent on one of Muskoka’s many campgrounds. I am somewhere in between when it comes to vacationing with kids. I want to take my family somewhere safe, unpretentious and with running toilets. This is where Muskoka Bible Centre comes in. Perfectly picture-esque views, with a wide variety of amenities, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. As you might imagine from the name, it is a Christ-centered retreat that offers daily sermons and kids programming focused on the Bible. Between sermons, the days are easily filled with so many great activities for kids and parents to take part in and enjoy fellowship with other families. For our family, we were really looking for a place to unwind, while spending some quality time with old friends from Toronto. There were about 10 other families we knew from our past church in Toronto also at the retreat, as well as a family from our current church in Waterloo. All in all, it was a great weekend to relax, catch up with friends and get deeper into God’s word.


MBC: A place to rest

A few moments of harmonious play

Although cloudy at times, the rain held off!

Private Beach at MBC

Heading back to our rooms for rest

I stayed offline for most of my time there, mostly due to an intentional effort to disconnect, but it was made easy due to a weak internet connection. Thanks to this effort, I finished three books (one for each day at the retreat). I also took off my mama-razzi hat, and enjoyed letting my husband take the photos this weekend. Whether you are looking for a place of worship to take your family, or simply a quiet place to release, consider a vacation in the Muskoka area in the future. It is truly a place to marvel at many of God’s beautiful creations. I may be biased though, since I was born in this part of Canada 😉

Exploring the grounds of MBC

Looking through the lens of a child is so energizing, even before coffee

Brings me back to my childhood in Muskoka

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