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Date Night Fashion Dilemma (when you’re a Stella & Dot stylist)

When you have your own jewelery business, you have the dreaded task of choosing which pieces you’re going to wear on a special night out. It’s like asking me which child is my favourite. JK. Don’t make me choose! But it is a first world problem in that you have so many wonderful pieces to pick from, it’s easy to get stumped and proceed to tell your husband you have NOTHING to wear (cue eye roll). So what do I do when the babysitter has arrived, and the date night clock has officially begun? I take it all of course! Or at least three different necklaces/earrings/rings…at a minimum! Seriously, I change my jewelery from hour to hour, or from dinner to drinks to theatre (or wherever the night will take us).

I decided to start with my Drape Collar Necklace and Sentiment Stone Drops for dramatic effect. My cape is by Donni Charm from Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style. My plum lipstick is Bite Beauty’s Lipstick Duo in Jam. The colour is super long lasting by the way. Highly recommend!

How I started the night.

Since we already had dinner at home with the boys, we started the date with dessert at a local cafe. I had a s’mores latte with a chocolate butter tart. If heaven had a taste, this is what it would taste like. While sipping on our drinks, I decided to change it up for act two. This beauty is one of my fave statement necklaces. I’m partial to turquoise stones, as it’s one of the more flattering colours for most skin tones. The pendant part clips off the necklace too, which turns it into a collar necklace. Collars and chokers are sort of all the rage right now, which is a fun throwback to my days in high school. Remember the movie Clueless? I basically wanted to be Cher. Her motorized closet was pretty much what my dreams were made of. But I digress. I ended up pairing the necklace with my go-to earrings at the moment. These are called the Drape ear jackets because of the fun way they hug the the ears.

Patiently waiting for my CHOCOLATE BUTTERTART

Before we left the cafe to head to the movies, I had to change one last time of course (by the way we watched Passengers – pretty good, but spoiler alert THEY SHOULD’VE MADE A BABY TO SEND TO THE FUTURE). I decided to go for my effortless boho layering necklaces. The top one is the Sanibel Reversible Pendant, which can be worn long or short. I’ve got it short here on the smoky stone side. The other side is a beautiful aqua. The longer necklace is the Arabesque link necklace, which is so effortlessly chic and I often wear alone with a pair of jeans and plain tee. And to finish it off, I stacked the turquoise and chevron rings side by side.

The finale.

Am I crazy? No. Am I crazy about accessories? YUP. So tell me, which of the three looks did you like the best?

P.S. I’ve linked all the jewelry again below. Just a side note that MOST of these items are also on SALE. So if you like anything, get them before they’re gone!

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